Light pulse object identification

Patent No. 9,251,496

Issued: February 2, 2016
Filed: February 25, 2014

Inventor: Brown; Michael Sean (Wahroonga, AU)
Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation

A method of identification of at least one asset having a LED using a camera with a display coupled to a computer. The camera records a series of frames over a period of time showing at least one asset and associated LED. The series of frames are analyzed to identify LEDs in each of the frames by detecting bright spots within the image exceeding a set threshold and/or within a set color range. For each of the LEDs identified in the frames, the changes of the LEDs in the frames over time are converted into a code. The code is looked up in a repository in a management system, where each code is associated with metadata of the managed asset. If the lookup was successful, displaying the associated metadata over at least one frame of an image on a display to a user, identifying the managed asset for the user.

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