Cartridge Seated Plug Valve

Patent No. 9,441,740

Issued: September 13, 2016
Filed: November 18, 2014
Term Extension: 8 days

Inventor: Kennedy; Paul (Horseheads, NY)
Assignee: Kennedy Valve Company (Elmira, NY)

A cartridge seated plug valve includes a hollow body with an inlet, an outlet, and a cylindrical valve chamber. A C-shaped rotor with an elastomeric coating is rotatably held in the valve chamber by a valve cover and a base. A valve facing with an elastomeric gasket is held adjacent to the inlet, with a central aperture of the valve facing aligned with the inlet, and the elastomeric gasket held in compression about an inlet seal surface at a perimeter of the inlet, by facing channels in the cover and base. In a closed position, the rotor is oriented with the elastomeric coating of the plug segment sealing the central aperture. The valve is opened by rotating the main stem, changing an orientation of the rotary plug, and moving the plug segment away from the inlet.

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