Fruit harvester platform

Patent No. 9,723,787

Issued: August 8, 2017
Filed: December 22, 2014

Inventors: Wafler; Paul (Wolcott, NY), Wafler; Walter (Pittsford, NY), Bryant; Jeremy (Wolcott, NY), Prockter; Walter Bruce (North Rose, NY)
Assignee: Huron Fruit Systems, Inc. (Pittsford, NY)

A mobile picking platform system includes a mobile picking platform having a mobile carriage with a superstructure supporting multiple adjustable picking stations. A storage box carrier on the mobile picking platform has a pick position with storage boxes held at optimum heights for access by pickers on the picking stations, an unload position in which full storage boxes are unloaded onto a ground surface, and a load position for receiving empty storage boxes. A storage unit carries empty storage boxes and facilitates transfer of storage boxes to the mobile picking platform. A shuttle trailer may also be included in the system to transfer empty storage boxes to the mobile picking platform and storage unit. The shuttle trailer has a down position in which full storage boxes may be picked up from a ground surface, and an up position for transferring storage boxes to the storage unit or mobile picking platform.

Reference to Related Applications

This application claims one or more inventions which were disclosed in Provisional Application No. 61/920,079, filed Dec. 23, 2013, entitled "Fruit Harvester Platform". The benefit under 35 USC 119(e) of the United States provisional application is hereby claimed, and the aforementioned application is hereby incorporated herein by reference.

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