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Invention Disclosure Form

This form is provided to help you organize your thoughts about your invention. There's nothing "magic" about it. Do whatever you need to do in order to explain your invention in such a way as to be clear to one who is not familiar with it.

Feel free to print this form, fill it out at your convenience, and contact us. You may want to use your web browser to save it as a text file and use a word processor or editor to enter your information directly into the file. If it's more convenient for you, this form is also available in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats.

Name of Inventor(s):





Name of Invention:

Brief Description

Describe the invention in general terms: What does it do? How does it do it?




Details of the Invention:


You have described the best way to build (perform) your invention. Now consider the alternatives.

Structural Alternatives:

Alternate Use: Can your invention be used for anything other than its preferred use?

Limitations: When will the invention not work?

In order to be patentable, an invention must be NOVEL, USEFUL and NOT OBVIOUS to one skilled in the art, based upon everything which was available at the time of the invention.

State of the Art: Consider what was already in existence (whether patented or not) before the invention.

Resources for search:

You may not get a patent on an invention which was already patented, or described in a printed publication, or in public use or on sale either: (a) by others, before you invented it, or (b) by anyone, more than one year before you apply for a patent.

Date of Invention: "Invention" means a combination of conception (coming up with the idea of the invention) and reduction to practice (building it, or applying for a patent).

Publications: Has the invention ever been described in any printed form, by anyone? If so, where and when?

Prior Filings: Have you filed a Disclosure Document or Provisional Patent Application on this invention, or has there been an application for patent in the USA or elsewhere?

Public Use: Has the invention ever been shown or used in public? If so, where and when?

Sale: Has the invention ever been sold? If so, where and when?

Other Inventors: Is there anyone else who contributed to the conception or reduction to practice of the invention, in more than a purely mechanical way?

Rights in Others: Are you under any obligation to assign any rights in the invention to others?

Any additional notes or comments?

Be sure to sign and date the form, and have it witnessed by someone who is not an inventor.

Signed: _________________________


Read, witnessed and understood: _________________________


This form is copyright © 1992,1997 by Brown and Michaels, PC. Feel free to use it, and print and pass it along to others. 
If you do distribute this form, however, our name and address and this copyright notice must be included.
Please do not copy this form to your website without permission - we would prefer that you link to it here.  

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