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General Intellectual Property

Overview of Intellectual Property

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Main Patents Page

Patent Budget Estimator (fee schedule)

US Patent and Trademark Office Patent Fees

Frequently Asked Questions about Patents 

Patent Timeline

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

Countries in the PCT

Countries not in the PCT

PCT News

Invention Disclosure Form

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PDF version

Invention Marketing Companies

ABA Comments on IMC's

USPTO Comments on IMC's

"The Picture Claim"

"I've got a great idea - now what?"

Provisional Applications

Self-Help and explanations page: "How do I..."?

How do I do a patent search? (coming soon)

How do I tell if I'm a "small entity"?

How do I read a patent? 

The Front Page

Numeric Codes on the Front Page

The Drawings

The Specification 

The Claims  

Reviewing claims written by your patent attorney

Pitfalls in writing your own claims (kids, please don't try this at home!)

Reviewing someone else's patent's claims for infringement 

How do I read a filing receipt? 

How do I read an Office Action? 

How do I tell if a patent is still in force? 

Patent Glossary - how to speak "patentese"

MS Word template for Patent Applications

Brown & Michaels' Representative Patents we've obtained for our clients: 

What's New? Our latest patents

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Biotech patents 

Computers - hardware and software 

Design patents 

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Furniture and Household Items

Industrial Machinery and Processes

Medical patents 

Optics patents 

Semiconductors and Lasers - devices and fabrication

Sports and Recreation patents 

Tool patents

Vehicles, motors and drivetrains patents 

Everything else... 

Weird and Wonderful Patents


Main Page for Trademarks 

Frequently Asked Questions about Trademarks 

Trademark Do's and Don'ts - how to choose and use your trademark properly 

Trademark Budget Estimator (fee schedule) 

US Patent and Trademark Office Trademark Fees

How to do a trademark search

Trademark Glossary

The Madrid Protocol 

Countries in the Madrid Protocol 

Brown and Michaels' representative trademarks we've registered for clients 


Main Copyright Page

Frequently Asked Questions about Copyrights

Copyright Budget Estimator (fee schedule)

Copyright Forms

Copyright Publications

How to contact the Copyright Office

Copyright deposits

Copyright Duration

Mark Twain's speech on copyright.

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