Baseball Pitching Target - Patent No. 5,433,434

Inventor: Eugene Helmetsie, Ithaca, NY - Issued: July 18, 1995

Please Note: This product is being manufactured and sold by Pelican Sports, Inc. as the Bullpen® pitching target. For more information, see the Bullpen® website or contact the manufacturer by e-mail at or by mail, phone or fax at:

Pelican Sports, Inc.
957 South Danby Road
Spencer, NY 14883

1-800-461-7334 (8am-5pm EST)
Fax Line: 607-589-4828

A pitching, throwing or kicking training device having a support frame, a strike zone frame which is fully adjustable in height and positionable within the support frame, and a catcher target behind the strike zone frame which is adjustable in height and position. A simulated batter is provided to aid in visualization of the strike zone, adjustable in height and reversible to simulate right- or left-handed batters. The strike zone frame may also be distorted into non-rectangular parallelograms if desired to emphasize pitching techniques. The invention is also adaptable to training lacrosse or soccer players or the like by appropriate choice of strike zone frame size and position and possibly change of player silhouette.


"Bullpen" and design are registered trademarks of Gene Helmetsie, d/b/a Pelican Design, Reg. Tmk. No. 2,120,222.

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