Patent No. 5,697,537

Issued: December 16, 1997

Inventor: David Bowlsby, 829 Taughannock Blvd., Ithaca, NY


A bow holder which can attach to any hunterís waist either through belt loops or by tucking behind the belt or inside the waistband of the hunterís pants. The bow holder is built on a stabilizing plate which extends downward to support the holder against the hunterís leg. The bow rests on top of a generally horizontal base area, held from slipping sideways by a lip. The base is provided with a notch to receive the bowís stabilizer bar or a simple bolt screwed into the stabilizer bar fitting. The notch is preferably inclined to the vertical, such that the bow string is inclined inwardly toward the hunterís upper body, and the stabilizer bar or nocked arrow point is angled outwardly from the hunterís leg. The provision of a second angled notch on the opposite side of the base from the first notch allows the bow to be carried with its center of gravity either in front of or behind the holder, which changes the angle of the bow axis from a tilted-forward "ready" position to a tilted-back "transport" position.

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