Patent No. 5,833,526

Issued: November 10, 1998

Inventor: William Berry, 275 Chipman Corners Road, Groton NY 13073

 This invention relates to the development of a new and useful improvement in fish dressing tools, which has as its prime objective a means whereby a fish may be quickly and efficiently dressed, having its skin and entrails removed. The device has two rounded tines, the sharpened ends of which are usefully engaged with the spine of the catfish that is to be cleaned after the body of said fish has been cut by a bladed instrument. Thereafter, force is applied to the skinning device in a pulling manner, typically in a direction corresponding to the long axis of said fish, and away from the cuts made so as facilitate the snapping of the spinal column and thereafter the cleaning of the fish, the skinner device firmly engaging the spinal column of the body of the fish during said pulling movement.

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