Game Call Holster

Patent No. 5,664,360

Issued: September 9, 1997

Inventor: John Conway, P.O. Box 841, Dryden, NY 13053

A holster for game calls which can be fastened around the stock of a gun or of a bow. The holster has an elongated body made of flexible material, with a plurality of pockets formed on one side. The pockets are preferably formed so as to open toward the center of the elongated body. A fastener, such as hook-and-loop material (Velcro®) allows the elongated body to be wrapped around the gunstock and the ends fastened to each other, so as to form a sleeve around the stock with pockets on the outside. 

If the pockets are formed to open toward the center of the elongated body, they will open upwards when the holster is fastened around the generally horizontal gunstock. Game calls can be inserted into the pockets, and removed easily without removing the gun from the shoulder of the hunter and without startling the game. A bow-hunting variation has the pockets turned 90, so that they point toward one side of the elongated body, allowing the pockets to point upwards as the elongated body is fastened around the vertical bowstock. 

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