Patent No. 5,928,005

Issued: July 27, 1999

Inventors: Che-yu Li and Matti A. Kohornen, Ithaca, NY

Assignee: Cornell Research Foundation, Ithaca, NY

 A low insertion force connection using two interfitting components: a tapered element and a beam element which is deformed by the tapered element in the region where the primary forces are buckling, rather than bending. The present invention is based on pressure engaged insert/receptacle type of connections that are self-assembling, and require a minimized insertion force to produce a high and tunable contact force that is not applied through the component to be attached. Apart from differences in size, the same design principles are applicable from the chip level to the board level of a microelectronic system. The invention comprises a low cost pressure engaged electrical and thermal connection, based on insert/receptacle structures in which the contact force and insertion force are separated. Such a design allows tunable contact force while it minimizes the insertion force and allows also for self-assembly and reworkability. They can readily be used in area array configurations and in conformal 3-D electronic packaging structures in all connection levels of a microelectronic system.

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