Patent No. 5,720,103

Issued: February 24, 1998

Inventors: Wayne West, John Carney and Christopher Olix

Assignee: Heritage Cutlery, Inc., 7971 Refinery Rd., Bolivar, NY 14715 - Phone: (716) 928-2500

 A pair of self-opening scissors or shears, or an attachment which can be used with conventionally designed scissors or shears, particularly of the kind used by barbers or the like. The invention uses a pair of inserts for the finger holes of the scissors, connected by a band of an elastic material which serves to provide a self-opening force. The inserts fit into the finger holes, simultaneously holding the elastic band and reducing the size of the finger holes for smaller hands. The self-opening finger inserts of the invention can be used with existing scissors, or built into new scissors at time of manufacture without requiring major redesign or changes in manufacture. The scissors with the invention will reduce repetitive motion injury while remaining conventional in shape and feel.

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