Patent No. 5,923,102

Issued: July 13, 1999

Inventor: Robert H. Koenig and Richard E. Koenig

Assignee: Avcheck Corporation, 3651 Coats Road, Burdett, New York 14818

 An automatic sub-floor pumping system, having a controller box, sensor wires, suction hose and pump. Two or three sensor probes are used - the lowest, or ground, probe can be omitted, and the circuit referenced to earth or wiring ground. The pump evacuates water from beneath the basement floor through a hose inserted into a small hole drilled into the basement floor. The sensor probes can be simply wires with the last 7 " to 1 " bared, attached to the outside of the pump suction hose at two locations an inch or two apart. The hose, with wires attached, is inserted down the one-inch evacuation hole bored through the floor. 

The control uses a very low current on the wires, which are negative relative to ground so as to be cathodically protected from corrosion. An optional sensing circuit monitors lower probe wire voltage and warns of possible corrosion effects.

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