Patent No. 5,924,416

Issued: July 20, 1999

Inventor: Harry R. Miller, 4938 Frontenac Road, Trumansburg, NY 14886

This apparatus is manufactured by, and available from Keene Engineering, 20201 Bahama Street, Chatsworth CA 91311 USA
Telephone: 818-993-0411
Fax: 818-993-0447
See their catalog page for more details.

 A floating apparatus for providing breathable pressurized air to a submerged swimmer(s). A inflatable tube supports a combination of two containers at the waters surface. The top container is a sealed battery compartment and mating cover which holds a battery for powering the compressor(s) and a means for mounting said compressor(s) in a position that allows for submersion at the waters surface. The top container is also used as shield and water deflector to prevent the intake of water into the compressors. The outlets of the compressors are joined and adapted to one or more hoses to provide air to a submerged swimmer(s). The bottom container is a cover which protects the electrically powered compressor(s) and provides a means to allow water entry to cool said compressor(s).

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