Patent No. 5,858,781

Issued: January 12, 1999

Patent No. 5,866,417

Issued: February 2, 1999

Inventors: John R. Matyas, 1606 21 Avenue NW, Calgary, Alberta T2M 1M1, Canada; Jerome B. Rattner, 35 Pt. McKay Court, Calgary, Alberta T3B 5B7, Canada

 The Tissue Transfer method of the '417 patent consists of transferring intact, organized cells from the surfaces of biological tissues or organs to a transfer substrate. A surface of the tissue or organ is selected, in most cases, a freshly cut surface. At least one layer of intact cells is transferred by adhesion of the cells to a transfer substrate, which is a membrane, film, plate or liquid layer bound to a solid structure. The substrate is brought into contact with the selected surface and removed. A layer of cells is removed by the adhesion of the cells to the substrate and the cells retain the organization of the organ or tissue.

The '781 patent covers a method and apparatus for retrieving glomeruli dislodged from renal biopsy cores during the biopsy procedure and immobilizing the glomeruli on a membrane substrate. The morphological quality of these glomeruli is such that they can be used for diagnostic evaluation.

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