Patent No. 4,370,922


Issued: February 1, 1983

Inventor: Ernest J.Rollband, 3415 Slaterville Rd, Brooktondale, N.Y. 14817


A nutcracker which automatically adjusts for nut size. The nut is cracked between a piston and a receiver. The receiver holds the nut and is locked into place by a latching mechanism made up of a plurality of disk elements, stacked together. A locking lever raises one or more disk elements out of place and latches against the flat face of an adjoining disk. A cover may be provided to activate the latching mechanism and cover the nut to be cracked, protecting the user.

Patent No. 4,787,307


Issued: November 29, 1988

Inventor: Ernest J.Rollband, 3415 Slaterville Rd, Brooktondale, N.Y. 14817

A nutcracker, mounted on a base, grips a nut to be cracked between a movable piston and an adjustable anvil. The user sets the optimum cracking distance initially by lining up an index marker located on the piston and adjusting the anvil to firmly hold the opposite end of the nut. Thereafter, the user need only move the lever handle to its up position and insert the nut - no further adjustment of the anvil is necessary for similar sized nuts. The user then moves the piston a limited distance by activating a lever handle connected to the piston by a toggle joint, or by some other limited-movement arrangement. This limited movement allows the inventive nutcracker to crack the nutshell without damaging the meat inside.

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