Patent No. 5,448,843

Low Power Drain Illuminated Sign

Issued: September 12,1993

Inventor: Steven Schwartz, Ithaca, New York

Assignee: Spectralight Signs and Lighting, Inc., Ithaca, NY

An illuminated sign apparatus comprised of a reflector with dedicated cavities which are formed by having the perimeter walls of each cavity conform precisely to each individual area of the sign desiring illumination, typically alphabetic characters and the background area they create. The bottom walls of these cavities will project towards the viewers eye parabolically. The midpoint of the cavity, when viewed in cross section, is to be slightly less in height than that of the cavity-defining perimeter walls. The perimeter walls have point source lights such as light emitting diodes (LEDs) distributed along their surface. These cavities may be filled in with transparent substance, fully encapsulating the LEDs thereby eliminating any reflective air space and facilitating light diffusion. The light sources may be provided with circuitry allowing unique powering to each of the individual cavities, resulting in the possibility of a variety of different display effects.

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