US Patent No. 5,386,473

Passive Surround Sound Circuit

Issued: January 31, 1995

Inventor: Robert W. Harrison, Cortland, NY


A passive circuit for decoding surround-sound signals using a transformer having center-tapped primary and secondary windings. The line level left and right signals are introduced into the primary winding, and the center tap of the primary supplies a left-plus-right center channel output. The secondary center tap is grounded, and the winding connections supply left-minus-right and right-minus-left surround outputs. 

The same circuit can be used for recording surround sound onto a two-channel (stereo) medium. A center microphone is connected to the center tap of the primary winding. Left and right surround microphones are connected to the secondary winding, which has its center tap grounded. The left and right recorder inputs are connected to the opposite sides of the primary winding.

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