COVID-19: Firm Update


As a law firm, Brown & Michaels, PC entered the pandemic in stride, seamlessly transitioning all personnel to work remotely. The transition was truly seamless because Brown & Michaels, PC had embraced remote-work technology years prior. Prior to the pandemic, most personnel worked remotely to some degree, and many personnel worked remotely to a large degree. We found it very easy to close our physical office, leaving it open for occassional visits to collect mail, to access office equipment, to meet with clients as necessary, or to just get out of the busy house to a quiet, mostly vacant space.

At the present time, as New York appears to be slowly reopening, we intend to continue working primarily remotely. Please know, however, that we value our physical office as an important asset, which we will continue to cautiously make available to both our personnel and our clients.

Last updated: Tue, 16 Feb 2021