Budget Estimator for Copyrights

Many of our clients have asked for a way of estimating what costs and time periods to expect when registering a copyright. This estimator should serve as a guide, and is as good an estimate as we can prepare, but you should realize that the fees you will actually pay may vary widely from these, depending on the individual circumstances of your copyright. You can expect a copyright registration certificate to be received in six months or less, if you file electronically and all goes well. 

Most of our clients prefer to file copyright applications on their own, since the process is much simpler than patent or trademark filings. In most cases, this will not pose any problems.

In more complicated situations, or if you are not comfortable with the process, we will be happy to file the copyright registration application for you. Legal fees will vary based on the time expended, which will depend on the complexity of the task at hand, etc.

  • Registration application for a single author of a single work, not made for hire, owned by that single author, submitted online through eCO system $35
  • If the application and copy of the work are filed electronically through eCO, but the application does not qualify for the reduced fee - $55 
  • Filing on traditional paper forms without barcodes - $85 
  • Group Registrations:
    • Contributions to periodicals (Form GR/CP) or database updates: $85
    • Published photographs or automated databases that consist predominately consist of photographs or updates of those databases: Paper: $65; Electronic: $55
    • Group of serials (Form SE/Group): $25 per serial with a minimum of two
    • Group of daily newspapers and qualified newsletters (Form G/DN): $80


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Last updated: Tue, 16 Feb 2021