Registering Copyright

Online Registration

The Copyright Office has an e-filing system called eCO (electronic Copyright Office). This system allows on-line registration of claims to copyright, and gives you the lowest registration fee combined with significant reductions in time delays to receive the certificate of registration. The system is relatively easy to use - it is probably more complicated to set up the account to let you use it, than to use it once you're set up - and we recommend that our clients use eCO if they can. 

For more information, and access to eCO, see the Copyright Office's eCO page.  

Traditional Paper Forms

The old paper forms are still available in PDF format from the Copyright office website. If you're going to file on paper, be sure to use the correct form for the type of work you are registering:

Copyright Publications

The following publications are available free from the Copyright Office. These are just a few of those available, which are most likely to be of value. Request them by number  (write or fax the Copyright Office at the address below). These publications are also available at at the Copyright Office's website .

Copyright Office Address and Phone

Last updated: Tue, 16 Feb 2021