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Linking Policy

Please read this linking policy before you send an e-mail asking us to link to your site: 

We will accept requests to link to sites which meet the following criteria:

That is to say, we will accept requests to link to these sorts of sites - we do not guarantee to provide a link. Linking from our site is entirely at the discretion of Brown & Michaels PC. 

We will generally not accept requests to link to the following types of sites:

If you believe that your site fits these standards, feel free to contact us. However, you should realize that we receive dozens of requests each month from people asking us to link our site to theirs. In most cases, we decline to do so. Please do not take offense or be insulted if we refuse to grant your request for a link. It's not a reflection on you  - our site serves a very specific purpose of providing information on Intellectual Property for our clients and prospective clients, and it is not a general web directory or link site. 

Last updated: Mon, 09 Nov 2020