Madrid Protocol Member Countries

The two-letter WIPO country code is listed before the country name.
See below for explanations of codes after country name (or click on code)

AL Albania

GM The Gambia NA Namibia 
DZ Algeria GE Georgia (18mo) BX Netherlands (Benelux)(EM)
Netherlands Antilles: no longer available  - see note NA

AG Antigua and Barbuda

DE Germany (EM)

NZ New Zealand (18mo

AM Armenia (18mo)

GH Ghana (18mo+) NE Niger (OAPI)

AU Australia (18mo+)

GR Greece (EM)(18mo+) NO Norway (18mo+)
AT Austria (EM) GU Guinea (OAPI) OM Oman (18mo)
AZ Azerbaijan  GW Guinea Bissau (OAPI) PH Philippines (18mo)
BH Bahrain (18mo) HU Hungary (EM) PL Poland (EM)(18mo)

BY Belarus (18mo)

IS Iceland (18mo)

PT Portugal (EM)
BJ Benin (OAPI) IN India

RO Romania (EM)

BX Belgium (Benelux)(EM)

IR Iran (Not US)(18mo+)

RU Russian Federation

BT Bhutan

IE Ireland (EM)(18mo+)

RW Rwanda 
BQ Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba ("BES Islands") (NA IL Israel (18mo+) SX Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten (NA)
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina

IT Italy (EM(18mo+)

SM San Marino (18mo)
BW Botswana

JP Japan (18mo)

ST Sao Tome and Principe
BN Brunei Darussalam (from 6 Jan 2017) KZ Kazakhstan  SN Senegal (OAPI)

BG Bulgaria (EM)(18mo)

KE Kenya (18mo+)

RS Serbia 

BF Burkina Faso (OAPI) KR Republic of Korea (South Korea) (18mo+)

SL Sierra Leone

CM Cameroon (OAPI) KP Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

SG Singapore (18mo+)

TD Chad (OAPI)

KG Kyrgyzstan

SK Slovakia (EM)(18mo)

CF Central African Republic (OAPI) LA Lao People's Democratic Republic (as of  7 March 2016)

SI Slovenia (EM)

CN China (not Hong Kong or Macau)(18mo+)

LV Latvia (EM)

ES Spain (EM)

CO Colombia (18mo)

LS Lesotho

SD Sudan
KM Comoros (OAPI) LR Liberia

SZ Swaziland

CG Republic of the Congo (OAPI)

LI Liechtenstein

SE Sweden (EM)(18mo+)

CI Cote d'Ivoire (OAPI)

LT Lithuania (EM)(18mo+)

CH Switzerland (18mo)

HR Croatia 

BX Luxembourg (Benelux)(EM)

SY Syria  ( Not US)(18mo+)

CU Cuba MK The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia TJ Tajikistan (18mo)
CW Curacao (NA) MG Madagascar (18mo) TG Togo (OAPI)
CY Cyprus (EM)(18mo+) ML Mali  (OAPI) TN Tunisia (18mo

CZ Czech Republic (EM)

MT Malta (not individually - through EM only)

TR Turkey (18mo+)

DK Denmark (EM(Not Greenland)(18mo+)

MR Mauritania  (OAPI) TM Turkmenistan (18mo)
EG Egypt  MX Mexico (18mo)

UA Ukraine (18mo+)

GQ Equatorial Guinea  (OAPI) MD Moldova GB United Kingdom (EM(18mo+) (BOT)

EE Estonia (EM)(18mo)

MC Monaco

US United States of America (18mo+)

EM European Union (EM(18mo) - see note France below with respect to French overseas territories.

MN Mongolia

UZ Uzbekistan (18mo)

FI Finland (EM)(18mo+)

ME Montenegro VN Viet Nam 
FR France (EM- see note France below with respect to French overseas territories.

MA Morocco

ZA Zambia

GA Gabon (OAPI)

MZ Mozambique

ZW Zimbabwe 

(list as of 16 November 2016)

Notes with Respect to Times

18mo: the time limit to notify a refusal of protection shall be 18 months

18mo+: where a refusal of protection results from an opposition to the granting of protection, such refusal may be notified after the expiry of the 18-month time limit.

after (date): In accordance with Article 14(5) of the Protocol, this Contracting Party has declared that the protection resulting from any international registration effected under this Protocol before the date of entry into force of this Protocol with respect to it cannot be extended to it.

Notes with Respect to Countries and Territories

Benelux:  Belgium , Luxembourg and the territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Europe have a unified legislation on trademarks and a common Office for the registration of trademarks under that legislation (Benelux Office).  Under the Madrid System, protection shall be requested as if they were one country ( Benelux ).  Their designation shall be subject to payment of a single complementary or individual fee.

BOT - British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies:  A designation of the United Kingdom in international applications and in subsequent designations through the Madrid Protocol extends to England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the British Overseas Territory of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) as well as to the two British Crown Dependencies of the Isle of Man and Jersey. (see WIPO Information Notice 38/2015)

European Community (EM): The European Community Trademark system covers all of the 27 members of the European Union. All of the EU countries (flagged with "EM", above) also have their own national trademark systems, so you would have the choice of having your Madrid Protocol registration covering all of the EU, or only a few countries you were particularly interested in. Note that Malta is not a member of the Madrid Protocol, as such, but since it is an EU member, a Madrid registration can cover Malta through the European Community Trademark system. 

France: As set out in bulletin 18/2016 from WIPO, the designation of France will also extend to French overseas territories as follows:

NA - The instrument of ratification of the Stockholm Act and the instrument of acceptance of the Protocol were deposited for the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Europe. The Netherlands extended the application of the Madrid Protocol to the Netherlands Antilles with effect from April 28, 2003. The Netherlands Antilles ceased to exist on October 10, 2010. As from that date, the Protocol continues to apply to Curacao and Sint Maarten. The Protocol also continues to apply to the islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba which, with effect from October 10, 2010, have become part of the territory of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Europe.

Not US: some countries may not be elected by US applicants because of trade restrictions under US Law. These countries are flagged with "(Not US)" on the table above

OAPI (Organisation Africaine de la Propriete Intellectuelle): OAPI is the main organization that ensures the protection of intellectual property rights in most African French speaking countries. OAPI comprises: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Comoros, the Republic of Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Togo. The Madrid Protocol will enter into force as to OAPI member countries as of March 5, 2015. Note that the seventeen OAPI members are not individual members of the Madrid Protocol, so coverage in these countries is only available through selecting to register through OAPI, not through separate national registrations. 

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