Invention Disclosure Form

Our invention disclosure form is provided to help you organize your thoughts about your invention. There is nothing "magic" about it. Please do not feel constrained by it's bounds, and do whatever you need to do in order to explain your invention clearly to one who is not familiar with it.

Please feel free to download our invention disclosure form, fill it out at your convenience, and contact us with it when you are ready. Our invention disclosure form is available in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF formats.


This form is copyright © 1992,1997, 2021 by Brown and Michaels, PC. Feel free to use it, and print and pass it along to others. 
If you do distribute this form, however, our name and address and this copyright notice must be included.
Please do not copy this form to your website without permission - we would prefer that you link to it here.  

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Last updated: Tue, 16 Feb 2021