Patent number: 10582819

Vacuum plate and vacuum system


  • Calafut; Edward J.
  • Sickler; Perry

Field of technology: Miscellaneous, Tools

Patent granted on: Tue, 10 Mar 2020

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A vacuum plate converts a conventional wheelbarrow into a wet and dry dual purpose vacuum cleaner receptacle. Collection of fluids and solids directly into a wheelbarrow simplifies larger cleaning tasks, small flood remediation, transport of bulk particulate materials such as sand, pea stone, and mulch, and allows hydro-excavation to be carried out in home improvement and small scale professional landscaping projects. A fluid level sensor prevents the wheelbarrow from overflowing when collecting large quantities of fluid, and a sump pump allows fluids to be drained from collected slurries, leaving only solids in the wheelbarrow for reuse or independent disposal.