Patent number: 10612623

Tensioning terminal having a protective protrusion

Original Assignee: SHINY WORKS, S.L.

Field of technology: Tools, Vehicles, Engines and Transportation

Patent granted on: Tue, 07 Apr 2020

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Terminal turnbuckle having a protective protrusion of the type used for fixing and tensioning filiform elements or the like located between two post-type rigid elements or the like, comprising a solid body (1) housing the elements for retaining the filiform element therein, internally having a channel-like cavity suitable for serving as means for receiving an end portion of a filiform element or the like, allowing the free circulation thereof in one direction, and blocking the movement thereof in the opposite direction, and wherein said solid body (1) has a protrusion (2) in the entry area of the filiform element (3) responsible for protecting said filiform element (3) from the edges present in an opening of the post (4) or the like where the body (1) has been installed.