Patent number: 10994397

Tool to insert fittings into flexible tubing


  • Frock; Adam
  • Frock; Richard

Field of technology: Agriculture, Tools

Patent granted on: Tue, 04 May 2021

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A tool usable to insert tubing fittings into tubing includes a first handle and a second handle, each with a connection end and a gripping end. The connection end of the second handle is movably connected to the connection end of the first handle, the gripping end of the second handle being biased away from the gripping end of the first handle. A tube-gripping element is mounted on the first handle, and a fitting alignment fixture is mounted on the second handle. The tube-gripping element is configured to move into a first position to hold the tubing or into a second position to release the tubing, while the fitting alignment fixture is configured to press a protruding portion of the tubing fitting into an open end of the tubing.