Patent number: 11073546

Smart inter-connecting clamp (ICC)

Original Assignee: Rhysing Technologies, LLC

Field of technology: Electronics, Vehicles, Engines and Transportation

Patent granted on: Tue, 27 Jul 2021

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A device for securing aircraft wiring, monitoring the aircraft wiring, and detecting degradation of the aircraft wiring includes a first clamp body and a sensing device. The first clamp body has a first end, a second end opposite the first end, a concave portion extending semi-annularly between the first end and the second end, a first exterior surface, and a second exterior surface opposite the first exterior surface, the concave portion configured to at least partially define a wire-receiving space. The sensing device is adjacent the wire receiving space and is configured to sense a characteristic of the aircraft wiring indicative of integrity of the aircraft wiring. A wireless module can be configured to communicate data from the sensing device to a receiver. An electronics housing can support the sensing device and/or other electronics, and can releasably mate and fasten to the first clamp body.