Patent number: 11466784

Gate valve


Field of technology: Industrial Machinery and Processes

Patent granted on: Tue, 11 Oct 2022

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A gate valve includes a valve body including a gate channel intersecting a flow passage that extends from a first opening to a second opening. In embodiments, the gate channel has a width constant across a length extending from an intersection of the flow passage and the gate channel away from the flow passage. In embodiments, the flow passage is defined by a perimeter surface, a semi-annular slot through the perimeter surface, and a center axis through a center of the first opening and the second opening, the semi-annular slot extending on both sides of a first plane, the first plane perpendicular to a center longitudinal axis of the gate channel, the first plane parallel to and intersecting the center axis of the flow passage. In embodiments, the flow passage has an outer diameter, and a span of the gate channel containing the diameter is greater than the outer diameter.