Patent number: 11530550

Erecting frame and protective skin shelter system


  • Nead; Daniel M.

Field of technology: Miscellaneous

Patent granted on: Tue, 20 Dec 2022

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A shelter system having an erecting frame system and a protective skin system. The erecting frame system has at least two A-frame legs and at least one tensioning element. The A-frame legs each comprise at least one elongated structural member, each of the A-frame legs coalescing with at least one other A-frame leg with at least one connection. The tensioning element is at least temporarily affixed to a free end of each of the at least two A-frame legs, and comprises at least one elongated structural element capable of generating a tension force to draw the free ends of the A-frame legs towards one another, thereby at least temporarily lifting the connection to a predetermined height above the free end of each A-frame leg. A protective skin system is also provided with at least one side plane, one roof plane, and one end plane. The side plane is disposed between two A-frame legs; the roof plane is concordant with the ground surface; and the end plane is disposed between two A-frame legs of a constituent A-frame leg pair and a ground surface. The planar element of the protective skin system provides at least a partial barrier from a ballistic threat to a volume behind the planar element, the loading of the protective skin system being transferred at least in part first to the erecting frame system and ultimately to the ground surface.