Patent number: 11539199

Smart interconnecting clamp system


Field of technology: Computer Software, Electronics

Patent granted on: Tue, 27 Dec 2022

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A apparatus for monitoring the integrity of an electrical wire includes a clamp system, a sensor system, a user interface configured to receive input data and output wire information, and a control unit configured to process the wire data, process the input data, and generate the output wire information. The clamp system includes a clamp and the sensor system includes a sensor configured to retrieve the wire data. In another embodiment, a portable device is configured to obtain wire data from a smart clamping system, to transmit the wire data to a processor and to receive a multi-dimensional representation, and a computer system configured to receive the wire data generated and to generate the multi-dimensional representation of the wire. A method for monitoring a wire includes capturing wire data using a clamp, transmitting the wire data to a control unit, generating wire information to output, and outputting the wire information.