Patent number: 11596148

Dry vapor cryogenic container with absorbent core


Field of technology: Biotech, Medical

Patent granted on: Tue, 07 Mar 2023

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A dry vapor cryogenic storage container includes an absorbent core made from a porous material that absorbs a liquid cryogen and releases the cryogen in vapor form as the absorbed liquid evaporates. Fluid channels are formed in the absorbent core to increase the available surface area through which the liquid cryogen can be absorbed. The core can absorb the cryogenic liquid much faster with inclusion of the fluid channels. The absorbent core can be made by cutting a cavity and drilling holes in a stack of calcium silicate panels. The cavity holds a contents container or an inner core. The inner core can be part of an extractor and made from porous material including fluid channels for absorbing liquid cryogen. Contents containers can be housed in the inner core.