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Registration number: 6436516

Registration date: Tue, 03 Aug 2021

Original Owner: SIGNE, S.A.

Mark description

The mark consists of the wording "QID" centered above the wording "QUALIF_ID". The letter "Q" in "QID", the wording "QUALIF", and the underscore line are black. The letters "ID" in "QID" and "QUALIF_ID" are in gray. Two yellow cubes appear above the letter "I" in the wording "QID". The color white represents background and is not claimed as a feature of the mark.


International class: 009
For: Downloadable software for verifying digital signature registration identity; Downloadable computer software programs for verifying digital signature registration identity; Downloadable computer programs for authenticating and tracing a digital signature registration identity in the Blockchain environment

International class: 042
For: Certification services for messages and data transmitted via telecommunications, namely, electronic document and e-mail authentication services; Computer security services relating to certification of information regarding personal identity; Identity verification services, namely, electronic signature verification services using technology to authenticate user identity; Electronic and digital certification services, namely, authentication, issuance, and validation of digital certificates

International class: 045
For: Legal services relating to the certification of legal documents