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Registration number: 6450995

Registration date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021

Original Owner: SIGNEBLOCK S.L.

Mark description

The mark consists of the stylized gray wording "GOUZE" below a stylized "O" created by red and purple partial circles. The color white represents background and/or transparent area and is not part of the mark.


International class: 037
For: Installation, maintenance and repair services for computer and information technology products and equipment in the nature of computer hardware and peripherals

International class: 041
For: Educational training services in the field of new technologies and information technologies; providing educational courses for instruction in the field of technological information-technology solutions; Educational services, namely, educational congress, exhibition and seminar services for cultural and training purposes related to technological solutions in the field of information technologies

International class: 042
For: Scientific and technological services, namely, research and design in the field of information technologies; industrial analysis and research services in the field of information technologies; design and development of computers and software; consultancy and advisory services in the field of information technologies; advisory services relating to information technologies in the nature of advice provided by technology-related experts; computer monitoring service which tracks application software performance, performs periodic maintenance and provides technical reports for third parties