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Over the years, inventors have tried to solve many of the problems of daily life. Who could forget these vital advances to the state of the art?

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The better mousetrap...

Medical Advances(?)

Life's Little Comforts

The Fun is in Getting There - Transportation Improvements(?)

Just For Fun - The Pursuit of Happiness

Weird and Wonderful Trademarks, too...

Death and Taxes...

Links to more Weird and Wonderful sites...

Patent o'the Week - Still more weird patents, including some which are, shall we say, X-rated. Not really "of the week", since the last update was in 2005, but fun anyway.

Totally Absurd (tm) - "a hilarious look at goofy inventions" with specially colorized illustrations. 

Want copies of any of these patents? You can download images of them in PDF format from the USPTO website or Google Patents or the European Patent Office's espacenet server (be sure to include the country code "US" before the number on espacenet, since it's an international database). 

Even if your idea isn't as novel or useful as these, you should keep its protection in mind. Brown and Michaels has helped many inventors to obtain patents, and we look forward to working with you.

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Last updated: Fri, 06 Nov 2020